Aqua-Vu Goes Macro with New Feature-Rich Micro 5

Original underwater camera company engineers lightweight, tablet-sized viewing system


Crosslake, MN (August 22, 2013) – Imagine viewing an antiquated cathode ray tube TV one day and suddenly, an iPad® the next. A nearly parallel transformation in technology occurred when underwater camera category leader Aqua-Vu® engineered its popular Micro™ Viewing Systems several seasons back. Today, these convenient hand-size cameras remain exclusives in the industry—testament to the company’s foresight in fish technology.


This year, the Minnesota based electronics outfit has circulated several new Micro models, including the tablet-sized, ingeniously enhanced Micro 5™. Engineered with an expanded yet ultrathin footprint, the Micro 5 features a wider 5-inch LCD coupled with miniaturized camera optics the size of a bottle-cap. The new advanced LCD displays colorful underwater scenery with wickedly sharp resolution and dazzling brightness—a dramatic, noticeable upgrade over previous technology.



Professional angler Brian “Bro” Brosdahl highly appreciates the advance. “The brightness and resolution of the new Aqua-Vu Micro 5 delivers an obvious increase in daylight ‘viewability.’ The hand-size unit includes a built-in sunshield for blocking out the sun, but you really notice how easy the screen is to read on its own.”


Powered by a tiny yet potent rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Micro 5 and other Micro systems operate for up to 7 hours—ample time to survey structure for several days on the water. Connected to the LCD with 100-feet of thin yet muscular optical cable, the Micro 5 camera reveals dramatic underwater surprises, thanks to its non-threatening miniature posture.


“The beauty of the Micro 5,” says Bro, “is that it delivers big screen viewing in a really lightweight, portable package. On the ice, I like to ‘speed-view,’ cruising from hole to hole to find schools of big bluegills. Micro 5 is compact enough to fit in my coat pocket, or in my tackle bag, and it’s so light and ergonomic that underwater viewing now feels like stealth surveillance. There’s no burden of carrying around a heavy monitor and battery. I can cradle the LCD in one hand and manipulate the camera with the other. And I love that the camera has a fin adaptor that lets me down-view, side-view and even up-view with a quick adjustment.”



Beyond unprecedented ease-of-use, Micro 5 is loaded with extras, such as a built-in DVR with an 8-GB hard drive, and a USB port for connecting to computers other devices. This advanced mini Aqua-Vu offers another exclusive: 3X Digital Zoom for examining fish and cover up close. Further, integrated adjustable IR lighting illuminates deep and dark water. While the LCD itself is sheathed by an IP67-rated waterproof case.


“It’s certainly the most advanced, yet user-friendly Aqua-Vu system to date,” adds Bro. “The Micro 5 is a dream to use on the ice—incredibly portable and convenient. But what I really dig is that the unit is just as valuable in my boat. Mounted beside my sonar, or stowed in the glovebox, the Micro 5 is always ready to solve underwater mysteries and positively ID fish species and structure.” 




About Aqua-Vu

The Original Underwater Viewing System, Aqua-Vu is manufactured by Outdoors Insight, Inc., and has led the underwater camera category in design, innovation and quality since 1997. They were also the first with on-screen displays of water temp, depth and camera direction, LCD monitor, IR and LED light systems, DVRs and now Digital Zoom. The Central Minnesota based company builds other popular outdoors products as well, such as the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera ( and Odor Check Moisture and Odor Control System ( For more information on Aqua-Vu, visit







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