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image reader comments Reader Comments January 1, 2021 "Remembering The Foo Flyer"

image of walleye caught on Lindy Foo Flyer In the December 30, 2020 Upper Red Lake Report, I mentioned using Lindy's Foo Flyer to coax in neutral to neagtive walleyes.

After reading the article, Brad Slye wrote; "Hi Jeff, I've been fishing up on Upper Red and remembered picking up some Foo Flyers when you were demonstrating them at the Lindy booth at the St Paul Ice Show several years ago.

I've been fishing with them because I think they have a great natural swimming action that attracts fish and also I've had a number of walleyes bite when the jig is just sitting still also. Fred's Bait still had 3 of them last weekend and I picked up 2 of them from Bill.

I'll have to go online to find some more leftover ones. I haven't tried the smaller Foo Flyer on crappies yet but intend to do so in the next month. Thanks again for all your advice and information you provide! You've made a huge difference in my fishing ability and I have used it to take a lot of other people fishing and catch fish that don't do a lot of fishing. Blessings and thanks again!" Brad Slye

image reader comments Reader Comments January 1, 2021 "Dead Sticking Better Than Jigging On Upper Red Lake"

Also referencing the December 30, 2020 Upper Red Lake Report, Luke Lucas emailed with comments about his recent experiences on Upper Red Lake.

"My party of 3 stayed in a sleeper rented from an outfitter based out of Waskish the night of Dec 28, 2020. From noon until 6:00 pm we did not get a bite. The outfitter checked on us and said his closest two sleepers caught 5 and 6 within the last 45 minutes using plain hooks and lively whole minnows. His parting words were “you’ll get em”.

Between 6:00-9:00 we caught 4 walleyes and between 9:00 pm and 5:30 am the next morning, we had 50 plus bites and caught about two thirds of the fish that bit. The moon was full and the skies were clear which probably contributed to the all night bite. Our house was in 13 feet of water.

Before the outfitter stopped by, I was using Lindy rattlin flyers, northland buckshots, northland macho minnows, and northland buckshot flutter spoons, all tipped with minnow heads. Fished looked (at the jigging baits) but would not bite.

I switched both rods to small, single hooked frostie type spoons with whole minnows. That did the trick. We put those baits on rattle reels and caught fish all night long. Other baits probably would have worked during the night bite, but we did not try any.

Keep up the fantastic reports. Thank you very much. Happy New Year!!" Luke Lucas

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